Elevation Platform

Because of the high demand Kanon has decided to design and built its own Elevation Platform.

KANON’s Elevating Platform is used to achieve safe and easy access of road and rail tankers from a platform.

With the elevating platform one is able to safely access several trailer types and open multiple hatches depending on manhole configuration.

As KANON promotes safe and easy solutions, our concept includes the following features:

– The entire elevating platform can be adjusted to the slope of the tanker.
– Fully galvanized structure and anti-slip steps.
– Hydraulic power for raising and lowering of the platform.
– Flip-up floor panels (manually moved) which allow full access to the tanker top.
– Complete with a high handrail system with guard rail, mid-rail and toe-board.
– Protection bars to prevent truck damage.
– Stored position detection.
– Easy securing of the floor panels while operating.
– ATEX execution available.
– Secured in case hydraulic pressure loss occurs.
– Available for trucks having a height varying from 2.800 mm. up to 4.300 mm.



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