We did it!

Last weekend Kanon has pulled off something that is quite exceptional.

During the second quarter of last year KLE received an exceptional request from one of the biggest oil terminals, based in Rotterdam. The oil terminal in the largest Port of Europe has ordered four 20” Marine loading arms with Hydraulic QCDC.

The specialty of this order was that we had to supply these four loading arms completely mounted on a skid, so it could be placed in one go on the jetty. This to avoid additional downtime of their jetty, by being able to supply it as a “plug and play” solution.

This 200 tons weighing structure was built up at the old RDM location and had to be shipped to the final destination, on a pontoon. There it goes.

Foto 15-09-17 08 47 39

Transport 3

After many hours of drawing, testing, practise and preparations, the moment was finally there. Many factors, like weather conditions, the speed of the wind and the sea level could cause delay at final placement of the skid. After a moment of patience, the Dutch weather allowed the team to proceed.

Foto 16-09-17 11 49 51


This extraordinarily project shows exactly what Kanon Loading Equipment will do for their customers, what we are capable of and that we are always willing to test our limits or even go beyond them.

MLA 12″ installation

Two months ago we completed the assignment to deliver three MLA 12” for gasoline transport in Texas. We were glad we could serve our client in the most optimal and efficient way although the arms were disassembled for containerized transport.



At the Kanon factory, based in The Netherlands, a series of tests with the MLA 12” were completed in week 5 of 2017. To complete these tests, the MLA’s were completely assembled at the production site. After successfully been tested, the MLA’s were disassembled in just a few major parts. So we could rebuild it very quickly and easily at the delivery address of the client, which Kanon succeeded in week 26 of 2017.

At this moment the three yellow MLA 12” stand there shining in the Port of Texas.